We all have a cross.

In 2002, Ed Figlow, then 18 years old, was involved in a terrible automobile accident and literally was at death’s door. Now, after five months in the hospital, extensive rehab, and much self-discipline, he carries on his struggle to get back to a more full life. What’s been the observation of Ralph and his family? “You’d be better off if you rolled up your sleeves and got on with it in the most virtuous way you can.” You need two ingredients: God’s grace and good friends both at the hospitals and in your personal life. They pray for God’s strength and grace in struggling to move along in this journey. “The Story of Ed,” as written by friend Fred Noe, appeared in the November 2004 issue of Hoofbeats magazine and gives some touching insight into what the Figlow family was confronted with. Also, Ed’s rehab has included a rigorous workout program which was initiated by Abington Heights High School lifting coach Claude Welcome, and now Jim Brown of Brown’s Gym in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

Ralph, Ed, and Chris Gardner in NYC

Both coaches have encouraged Ed to participate in competitions both at the high school and in the state championships. Each time was a memorable occasion and much emotion was seen. It was very healing and helpful. Many people have approached Ed and his family to tell them his courage has benefited them in so many ways. These same people have been the ones who have made Ed and his family better. There were months when Ed was first hurt that the least bit of body movement would have been considered miraculous. Now, Ed continues to get stronger by lifting more and more weight as he works out. This is the power of prayer and positive energy.